Sunday, April 23

The Evolutionary Power of Religion?

Daniel Dennett's book, Breaking the Spell examines religion, based on the knowledge that it has come about as a human phenomenon as a result of evolution.

What about the evolutionary pressure exerted on man by religion?

After all if you live in a society where atheists are killed, then your survival chances are enhanced if you carry genetic traits which give you a strong tendancy to either believe what you are told to believe, or at least say you do.

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Wednesday, April 12

Why Creationism is wrong and Evolution is right

Tuesday nights lecture by Prof Steve Jones is now available on line.

It was so popular the live stream was overloaded and there were apparently around 400 people turned away on the night.

(Unfortunately the realplayer sound is out of phase and the WM version doesn't seem to work)


From April's Freethinker

From the paper version of The Freethinker:-

Google have been censoring a video of a song called "It's in the Koran", but it's still avaliable at Little Green Footballs.

Dr Wafa Sultan - a secular ex-muslim's interview on Al Jazera has brought death threats after her blunt comments - coverage in New York Times.