Tuesday, October 14

Good Riddance to Ruth Kelly

Editorial by Terry Sanderson of the NSS

Ruth Kelly controversially resigned/got sacked (take your pick) from her job as Transport Secretary and from the government. She has now announced that she will step down as an MP at the next election. She also — at long last — confirmed what we all knew anyway: that she is a member of Opus Dei, the sinister ultra right-wing Catholic organisation that reserves its membership only for those in positions of influence. Presumably Opus Dei, too, will dump her now that she no longer has the power to further their nasty aims behind the scenes in Government.


Friday, August 24

Door to Door Atheists!!

Just imagine if all that going to church is a waste of time...


Friday, August 10

Comedian Pat Condell on Religion

So far, Pat has made twenty short video clips lampooning and criticising religion. In total, they have been viewed almost three million times. See his website, LiveLeak, YouTube and MySpace.


Saturday, May 26

Undeserved Respect....

Don't respect stupidity