Saturday, October 21

ARE you sick of religious nutters yet?

Tony Parsons in the Mirror

16 October 2006
Tony Parsons

ARE you sick of religious nutters yet?

I am sick of hearing that teachers in primary schools have a right to dress like something out of the Batcave.

I am sick of the implication that I will be consumed by satanic lust if I gaze upon a female face.

And I am sick of interviews with Aishah Azmi, the Muslim teacher suspended for wearing a veil at a Church of England school in Yorkshire because, quite frankly, I can hardly understand a bloody word she says with that black sheet over her face.

And it's not just the Muslims. A Christian Bible-basher who works for British Airways is all over the news because she insists on wearing a crucifix outside her BA uniform. I am sick of her too - sick of all these people who want to rub my nose in their faith.

This is the most tolerant nation on Earth and in recent times our tolerance has been pushed to breaking-point.

Remove the veil. Remove the cross. Make your religion something private and personal that you share with the big man upstairs.