Friday, August 24

Door to Door Atheists!!

Just imagine if all that going to church is a waste of time...


Friday, August 10

Comedian Pat Condell on Religion

So far, Pat has made twenty short video clips lampooning and criticising religion. In total, they have been viewed almost three million times. See his website, LiveLeak, YouTube and MySpace.


Saturday, May 26

Undeserved Respect....

Don't respect stupidity


Saturday, March 17

"If atheism is a religion then not collecting stamps is a hobby..."

A comment from Cloud Soup under "In brief - Sun, 4 Mar, 2007"

...via The Obvious?


The History of Creationist Thought

found at Pharyngula

UK Comedian Robin Ince talks about Creationism and Intelligent Design. From the show "Comedy Cuts" aired 2007/03/15 on ITV in the UK.


Wednesday, March 7

The Guardian censors Sue Blackmore

from Mediawatchwatch

Sue Blackmore, the author of a Comment is Free blog, has some interesting things to say about it in the comments section of Richard Dawkins’ website.

Firstly, the reason the news reported in her comment was old is because the article was written two weeks before it was published. The topic was considered so controversial that the editor of CiF had to personally approve it, and several phone calls and emails were exchanged before it was finally posted.

Secondly, the article which Sue originally submitted contained this link to the 12 Motoons, but when it appeared on CiF the link had been replaced with this one - a Guardian story about them.

The editors at CiF are so scared of offending Muslims that they won’t even link to the Motoons, let alone publish them.

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Saturday, March 3

Bonkers Welsh Christians


"Rev David P Griffiths from The new Welsh Christian Party declared it an “outrage” that various government, housing and tourism bodies in North Wales associate themselves with a symbol of defeat and Satan – the dragon."

Vote No - these Christian group is just bonkers at ic-Wales

Hat tip also to the Brights News Feed


Friday, February 16

Think Humanist Thought For The Day


The BBC does not allow secular thinkers on ‘Thought For The Day’ and is committed to keeping the slot religious. The Humanist Society of Scotland believes that morality and ethics are not the sole preserve of faith groups and have decided to create and podcast their own Humanist TFTDs here, on . The site is linked to over 7000 Humanist orientated organisations throughout the world. Our aim is both to offer an alternative to religious morality and to show the BBC and the public that Humanists can be equally, if not more, thought provoking when tackling moral and ethical issues as religious thinkers.

Podcast Feed


Wednesday, January 31

kurt vonnegut: a man without a country

Bitter sweet humor from the master at the age of 82.

Worth the cost of my new pair of spectacles!

(NPR interview online)

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