Saturday, February 25

Reflections of a Pakistani Atheist

Blog of the day - Reflections of a Pakistani Atheist.

I am a Pakistani Atheist; an ex-Muslim in Pakistan. I was born and raised here and hail from a fairly devout Muslim family. Like all Atheists in Pakistan – I am a closet Atheist in that most people do not know that I do not hold belief in God. Pakistan – a nation with 95% of the population being Muslim - is an indescribably intolerant place to be for a non-Muslim – and especially so for an Atheist. Dangers of coming out with one’s lack of belief range from ridicule to death threats to actually getting murdered!

So how many so called devout muslims are atheists and agnostics who are too frightened to speak out for fear of their lives? For that matter, how many devout christians in the USA are atheists who live in fear?

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